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Special Forces Part II (1424 Words)

What You Can Learn From Reality TV (837 Words)

Is Your Message Really Getting Across? (1075 Words)

Train Your Black Belts (829 Words)

Overwhelm and Burnout (789 Words)

Can you tie your shoes? Are your expectations hurting you? (781 Words)

If You Want to be the Best, Stop Competing (878 Words)

Charlie, Beef, & Your Future Leaders (576 Words)

Leading From the Front (576 Words)

When I Have Nothing to Say (853 Words)

True Gratitude for a Happy Thanksgiving (783 Words)

Who Are You This Halloween? (447 Words)

Landing on Center Line…Everytime! (576 Words)

Leadership Lessons from a Monarch (607 Words)

Assessing Your Company’s Leadership (441 Words)

How Do You Measure Accountability? (532 Words)

No One Knows You Like You Do…or do they? (647 Words)

What is the Goal of Accountability? (424 Words)

Do You Have the Presence of Mind? (820 Words)

Go/No-go, it’s not just for NASA (471 Words)

Something Has to Change (693 Words)

It’s All Downhill From Here (559 Words)

Reframe Your Perspective (632 Words)

Call Signs, Nicknames, & Dale Carnegie (505 Words)

Don’t Judge Me (554 Words)

The Pilgrims Didn’t Eat Turkey (368 Words)

Avoiding Disappointment (573 Words)

IT’S THE little THINGS THAT MATTER! (414 Words)

AND don’t BUT (671 Words)

Leadership Lessons from a Cracked Rim (627 Words)

7 Steps to Better Listening Skills (694 Words)

Why You Shouldn’t Make Team Members Responsible (680 Words)

Business Leaders are Community Leaders (521 Words)

Leading in Crisis (560 Words)

The 2 Hidden Leadership Lessons in our Country’s Founding  (486 Words)

Are Your Sights Set on Target? (532 Words)

Complacency Kills in Battle and in Business (571 Words)

Locked On Labor (758 Words)

Are You Providing LASR Precisions Praise? (678 Words)

Why You Should Aim for the Stars (479 Words)

Planning for Failure, the Key to Success (692 Words)

What Secret Message are Your Employees Getting from You? (641 Words)

The 6 Keys to Effective Delegation (780 Words)

Are You Focusing on the “Right” Things? (515 Words)

3 Secrets to Getting Better Decisions from Your Team (466 Words)

4 Must Read Books for the 4th of July (657 Words)

Why Resumes Should be the Last Thing You Consider When Hiring (1066 Words)

Good out of Evil (1011 Words)

The Secret to Gaining Momentum During the Holidays (556 Words)

The Best Holiday Gift Ever! (539 Words)

Let your Failures Inspire Others (911 Words)

There is No Midway in Leadership (608 Words)

Targeted Employee Training (986 Words)

Secrets to Successful Hiring (1312 Words)

Becoming a Locked On Leader (1130 Words)

Hire the Best or Create Your Own Elite Team (854 Words)

How to Conduct an Effective Interview (1218 Words)

Interviewing for Values (730 Words)

Do Your Applicants Have the Right Stuff? (1195 Words)

Soft Skills, the Secret to Successful Hiring (876 Words)

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As a former Naval Officer and President of several companies, Dave Rosenberg understands the difficulties of managing tasks and personnel. Now he is on a mission to replace TGI Friday with TGI Monday. Dave is the founder and principal at Locked On Leadership, a consulting firm that focuses on practical tactical leadership skills that create high-performance, self-directed teams. He is the author, Locked On Leadership: The Tactical Business Guide to Creating a Culture of Consistency, Courage, and Caring”, a Certified Professional Behavioral and Driving Forces Analyst and has worked with over 100 companies in 13 states arming them to achieve sustained and managed growth.