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After struggling to grow profitably for a number of years I started working with Dave. Now our team is so highly energized that problem solving and process improvement is ingrained in our culture. Everyone is happier, motivated, and fully engaged which means our leadership team can spend its time on continuous, profitable, growth. Our profitability has increased, we are having fun, and achieving goals are the norm. Thank you Dave for being such a great coach and friend. Oh yeah… and everybody loves Monday’s at our office!”

~Scott Starost, SDTEK

“Great information on inspiring teams and an action plan on how to do it.”

~Pete Williams, Farmers Insurance

“So great, thank you!”

~Lexi Lardner, Coastal Payroll

“Great Principles taught and relatable stories”

~ Ashen Buswell, Lacy Power

“I love the reminders on accountability. It also was a strong reminder that I don’t recognize my team enough, or in the most efficient way. Thanks so very much.”

~Judi Adams, Copy Link

“Great stories to back up points being made”

~ Joe Cove, Insurance Office of America

“Relevant, engaging and on target for audience.”

~Paul Pintek, Meryl Lynch

“Dave is a great speaker and motivator! Being a great leader means inspiring people towards a common goal and Dave’s program shows how important the power of motivation can be for your team and your company as a whole. Thanks Dave!”

~Renzo Salerno, PMI-LA

“I wanted to share that I have been getting amazing feedback on your presentation from earlier this month. Thank you so much for coming up to Los Angeles and supporting our event!”

~Meeta Autrey, PMI-LA

“I found this presentation to be fantastic.  It was a great look at how the military aspect of leadership can be applied to our side [of] leadership…it was inspirational!”

~ Monica Wasiljew, Info Sys Consulting

“I just finished watching Dave Rosenberg, I loved the presentation!  It’s by far the best presentation I’ve seen in this organization, super engaging, I took lots of notes that I can implement in my daily life.”

~ Stephanie Siraco, Life Cycle Engineering

“I just got done listening to Locked On Leadership.  It was a tremendous experience for me.  Being brilliant in the basics is so important [for] a company to understand the people, making sure you reward them, you know how to discipline them.”

~ Paul Schiermeier, PMI-SD

“We just had Dave speak at our event here in Palm Springs.  There’s a lot of business leaders here and they really took a lot from his message. I saw a lot of good body language. They were motivated. He really keyed in on leadership and all the key tenants and I think everybody walked away saying I took something from Dave’s message and I’m going to be a better leader when I get back to my company and my organization. So [I] really appreciate having him and had a great time.”

~ Brian Rigney, President, Tire Industry Association

“I loved it! Great message how we need to use leadership to thoughtfully manage our behaviors during any Crisis/Change to positively calm, guide, and inspire our people. I also liked the great reminder that when there is a crisis, or Big Change, we need to contact our customers and ask them how they are, how we can help, and look for opportunities we didn’t know were available to us to add value. You have a great delivery style and your opening stories establish trust and confidence that you’ve lived Change Management where the consequences are much more than losing a customer or disappointing shareholders.”

~ Barry Ramsay, Barry Ramsay Consulting

“”From the outset, Dave Rosenberg was a true pleasure to work with for his scheduled workshop session at DHI conNextions Conference & Expo 2020. He exemplifies the organizational leadership qualities he speaks to during his session. Dave took the time to understand what keeps our target audience up at night. He takes a top-down to down-top approach to his lessons of leadership and how to better utilize inherent and learned leadership approaches to move business forward regardless of your title in an organization. When our conference went from live to virtual in 2020, like a true leader, Dave met the challenge. Our audience appreciated the two-part virtual workshop and its takeaways, as well as receiving Dave’s book Locked on Leadership as a follow up. Highly recommend Dave for all types of summits and conferences with a focus on business management, especially post-COVID.”

~Joyceann Garippa, Conference & Education Manager, DHI conNextions

“Great material, presented in a professional manner with relevant real-world content.”

~Richard Mathes, Department of the Navy

“Great content, learned valuable information”

~Tamarre Simpson, Department of the Navy
“Great Class!! Very Informative”
~Eugene Durham, Department of the Navy


Real Leader with Real Experience
As a former Naval Officer and President of several companies, Dave Rosenberg understands the difficulties of managing people and tasks. Today he inspires leaders and employees through his speaking, changes behavior through his workshops and consults with companies to implement new processes and procedures.

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Dave Rosenberg

Leadership Consultant


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Dave Rosenberg

Leadership Consultant