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Are you a frustrated visionary?  Can you see where your company needs to go but you can’t quite seem to lead your team there? Are you tired of meeting with resistance from employees and co-workers? If any of these statements describe you then you must improve your tactical leadership skills.

Most leadership experts talk about how to create a vision for tomorrow but not about what actions to take today to achieve that vision. Tactical Leadership techniques are the daily actions necessary to inspire your team to realize your vision. There are five critical elements to effective tactical leadership, creating your cadre of key employees, communicating your vision, inspiring your team to excel, holding team members accountable and delegating responsibility.

Tactical Leadership starts with building a cadre of elite operators that are inspired to achieve greatness. Team selection is a critical first step. It is crucial that your team members not only have the right hard skills but also the necessary soft skills. Additionally, their natural behavioral style needs to support the role they will be filling and their internal motivations must be naturally rewarded by the role.

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If you are frustrated that your team is under performing, fed up with not meeting your objectives or tired of lack luster growth then let Dave show you how to maximize productivity and profitability!  Discover More…

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A former Naval Officer, Dave’s biggest challenges didn’t come in the cockpit, but rather as a leader of personnel.  Keeping morale up while at sea for 111 days in preparation for Desert Storm was no easy task.  It was under these conditions where he grasped how the right words at the right time inspire and motivate people. Discover more...


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