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Discover the Secret that turns your team into
high-performers that never need close supervision and always beat corporate goals!

Locked On Leadership: Command College is an intense, outcome-oriented, laser-focused experience for business leaders looking to transform their teams.

In Only 3-Days You Will:

  • Discover how to hire the right people, inspired by your purpose who share your values!
  • Uncover the secret to empowering others to eagerly take-on more responsibility and be accountable for it
  • Learn to recognize people and their achievements in a way THEY can appreciate
  • Create your personal leadership plan to build a self-directedhigh-performing team

Upcoming Dates:

1st  Quarter: March 24- 26, 2022
2nd Quarter: June 3 – 5, 2021
3rd Quarter: September 23 -25, 2021
4th Quarter: December 16 – 18, 2021

Put your team into AFTERBURNER!
Schedule a COMMAND BRIEFING call
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Imagine if your people really GOT IT. If they were FULLY engaged and energized. If they showed up excited and motivated EVERY SINGLE DAY.

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Singular Focus, Spectacular Results

You’re striving for the stars.  You’ve already achieved so much just from force of will.  How much more can you do with a team of self-starters where everyone works independently but still acts as a team?  You know you’re meant for great things but you need a great team to get you there!

What People Say…

“After struggling to grow profitably for a number of years I started working with Dave. Now our team is so highly energized that problem solving and process improvement is ingrained in our culture. Everyone is happier, motivated, and fully engaged which means our leadership team can spend its time on continuous, profitable, growth. Our profitability has increased, we are having fun, and achieving goals are the norm. Thank you Dave for being such a great coach and friend. Oh yeah… and everybody loves Monday’s at our office!”

Scott Starost, Chief Coach, Founder, SDTEK

Dave’s insight enabled me to discover and promote the hidden leaders in my company resulting in increased morale and ultimately improved profitability.

Bryan Bloom, Priority Moving

“Great information on inspiring teams and an action plan on how to do it!”

Pete Williams, Farmers Insurance

“I started working with Dave when my 20-year old company was struggling. We finished last year with some fantastic growth and are positioned to grow profitably this year. I couldn’t have done it without him.”

Steve Fox, Fox Plumbing